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The paintings of Donald Riscol

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About Me

A painter, a traveler, a spirtual man of God

A Little Intro

When viewing the paintings of Donald Riscol, one notices the sensitive Attention to detail and striking use of color which results solely from the Artist’s passion for his subject, the church, it is rare to find an artist who constructs a painting around the subject of the church, the place of worship; in fact, it is rare to find an artist whom, upon choosing the church as his subject mater, allows for the infiltration of churches from various religions, including a Buddhist temple. Yet, upon meeting Donald, one immediately becomes acquainted with the sensitivity and open-mindedness which informs these paintings.

Having traveled throughout the world to obtain images from which to paint, Donald Riscol’s life has been a life of international encounter and experiences. For example the Buddhist temple which Donald paints allows, Donald and the viewer, to return to the island of Okinawa, where he served his country during the Korean War. Or when viewing a painting of the famous church in Sedona, one senses the admiration Riscol has for the Western United States, a place in which religion still finds its place among the vast landscape.

All of this and more occurs in paintings which utilize a skilled and studied integrity for concerns of representational paintings. For it is in this skill that Donald Riscol enables his vision of a world which places religion, the family and experience at the center of life.
By Michael Reafsnyder MFA